Corona-safe relay test strike in the metal industry started

The announced relay test strike in the metal sector has begun. Around 09.00 the first strikers reported themselves in the so-called Staakstraat at the Parktheater in Eindhoven. Because of corona, the strike proceeds differently than usual.

Employees of ASML in Veldhoven and DAF Trucks in Eindhoven drove through a kind of drive-through to register. โ€œThe strikers drive past us and we pick up the strike forms. For all participants, this is a safe way to strike,โ€ says a spokesman for trade union CNV.

The employees lay down 48 hours of work. โ€œIn this exceptional case, employees may continue to serve the strike at home.โ€ Also at Fokker and ThyssenKrupp is discontinued, reports Omroep Brabant. In Alblasserdam there is also a cease-street.


the coming weeks, thousands of employees in the metal sector are expected to lay down their work in protest against the attitude of the employers‘ organisation FME in the collective bargaining.

Since September, a new collective agreement for the sector has been discussed, in which 160,000 people work. So far, employers are offering a 2.25% increase in wages over two years. This amounts to about 1.1 per cent per annum, which, according to the trade unions, leads to a reduction in purchasing power for the metal workers.

Employers’ organisation FME calls it โ€œvery annoying for companiesโ€ that the unions have decided to strike. โ€œIn these times, when we are in a major health and economic crisis, it is important to put our shoulders together. Scaking does not help with this.โ€