Corona support package for entrepreneurs will stop on 1 April

Entrepreneurs will no longer be able to use the corona support package from 1 April. The cabinet is calling it quits because the corona measures have expired. This includes the NOW, the TVL and the postponement of tax payment.

According to the cabinet, there are again positive economic prospects for entrepreneurs without restrictions due to corona. โ€œThanks to this financial support to affected employers and employees, the economy is now running full again and unemployment is very low.โ€

Now that most companies are doing well, the chance that the corona aid will inadvertently end up with companies with which things are going bad for other reasons, says the cabinet.


Several specific arrangements for entrepreneurs will continue to apply after the first quarter of 2022, including the event guarantee arrangements, the temporary guarantee and credit arrangements KKC and GO-C and the BMKB-C. The bridging appropriations for existing entrepreneurs and starters are continuing. until the end of June. The same applies to the loan facilities for the cultural sector and the monument loan of the National Restoration Fund.

For tax debts, they must be repaid in five years. For entrepreneurs with problematic debts, there are opportunities to get debt assistance through the municipality. The Tax Authorities will also take into account companies that have financial problems due to the corona pandemic.