Corona support stops on October 1, Cabinet Still Working on Nightclub Scheme

Most support measures to help companies stop through the corona crisis, as expected, as of October 1. The Demissionary Cabinet no longer considers it necessary to support the economy with generic measures, as most of the restrictive corona measures have now been lifted.

โ€œThe economy is returning again and unemployment is low. Continuing the support would get in the way of economic recovery,โ€ the Cabinet says. Schemes such as NOW (for labour costs), TVL (for fixed charges), Tozo (for self-employed persons) and TONK (for necessary costs) cease to exist. Only certain sectors will support schemes remain in force in the fourth quarter of this year.

For example, the nighthouse industry and the events sector, which cannot be completely off the end even after 1 October. The Event Guarantee Fund continues to exist, as well as certain financing guarantees for entrepreneurs.


The government is still working on a compensation scheme for nightclubs and nightclubs, because they are the only ones that are still completely closed by the government. โ€œThe implementation of such a scheme is very complex and requires a lot of execution organizations,โ€ the Cabinet warns.

The support packages were launched in March 2020, at the beginning of the first lockdown. In total, it is more than 80 billion euros that flows into business.

Entrepreneurs who still need financial support will be able to recourse to the regular benefit benefit for entrepreneurs from 1 October. The rules for that are being relaxed.

Tax deferral

On October 1, the possibility for entrepreneurs to apply for a deferral of tax payment will also stop. 369,000 companies took advantage of that. Much has already been repaid, but more than โ‚ฌ19 billion in tax debt is still open to 270,000 entrepreneurs.

Companies are expected to pay taxes again from 1 October. In a year, they will also have to pay back their debt to the tax authorities. They have five years to do that.