Corona test site already online: digital triage and login via DigiD

A test version of the special ‘corona portal’ launched by the government next week has been online for some time now. Starting next Wednesday, every Dutchman can make a corona test appointment via that website and retrieve his test results.

The portal appears to bear the name and allows users to request a test via DigiD. Requesting the test results is also done via DigiD, was shown on the test site.

After publication by the CCeit, the test version was taken offline. “It wasn’t supposed to be online already,” a spokesperson said. “The last thing we want is for people to go to a site that doesn’t work.”

Before people can request a test via the site, they must first fill in a digital form in which they must indicate, among other things, whether they have any complaints. Those who have no complaints are not allowed to request a test.

Logging in via DigiD to make a test appointment did not yet work on the test site. However, it was possible to fill in the form that needs to be completed for each test. The intention is that whoever wants to make a test appointment, fills in his zip code, after which he gets three suggestions for a location and time.

The CCeit found the test version in collaboration with researchers Benjamin Broersma and Tom Wolters. It is possible that the site will be modified before it goes online on Wednesday.

The phone number for testing also remains on the air. For example, those who cannot come to a corona test street on their own, by bike or car, should call the national test number. It is also not possible to make a digital appointment for foreign tourists and children aged six years or younger.

Less testing

The corona test site is not the only digital tool the government wants to use in the fight against the coronavirus. On 1 September, the government wants to release a corona app that maps meetings between people in the background. This way, people can be notified afterwards if one of their contacts turns out to be carrying the virus. They can then have themselves tested.