+ Coronavirus Update + Stronger action on the Côte dAzur

Sports and fitness centres must close completely again, bars from 10 pm; family celebrations in festive or multi-purpose halls are prohibited: These are the latest rules tightening up for the entire department of Alpes-Maritimes, which are valid for two weeks due to the Coronavirus activity — now and until including October 12.

As a department where the alert level is alerte renforcé in relation to virus circulation, the Alpes-Maritimes have tightened up their measures in the fight against Covid-19. As Prefect Bernard Gonzalez announced last night, the measures ordered on 22 September continue tocapply to the entire department, including the closing of restaurants, kiosks and mini-supermarkets between 0.30 and 6 a.m.

In addition, alcohol may not be drunk after 8 p.m. in the public space; since yesterday and for the time being two weeks the following additional measures apply: sports and fitness centres must be closed completely again, bars from 10 p.m. (bar-restaurants and pure restaurants are not affected by this regulation); family celebrations in celebrations or Multipurpose halls are prohibited; there
is also a basic masking obligation for people aged 11 and over in public space, whereby cities may limit the duty to certain areas in coordination with the prefect.

Criticism from the mayors
A reaction to the prefect‘s announcements immediately followed from Nice, Cannes and Grasse. The measures were taken arbitrarily and would also punish those who would comply with a strict hygiene protocol, according to Nice. There is a lack of clarity and transparency, said Mayor Christian Estrosi.
His counterparts from Cannes and Grasse beat in the same notch. It should be better protected and less forbidden, said David Lisnard and Jérôme Viaud in a joint communiqué. The state is doing the opposite. In particular, the two criticized the closing of bars from 10 pm: this decision would lead to the increase in private meetings without any control.

Hopeful figures in the west of the department
both underlined a significant improvement in corona figures over the past three weeks, at least in the west of the department: the 7-day incidence has halved since the beginning of September — from almost 160 to 83 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. And the number of patients treated with Covid-19 in hospital is also decreasing: neither in Cannes nor in Grasse, anyone with the virus is currently in intensive care. In Cannes, six Covid-19 patients would be hospitalized (18 at the beginning of September) and seven in Grasse.

In the entire Alpes-Maritimes department, 15 patients with Covid-19 were in an intensive care unit yesterday. An employee of the Regional Health Agency Agence Régionale de la Santé said that it remains crucial to keep this figure under control.

Continuing closed restaurants in Aix and Marseille
Since last weekend, restaurants and bars in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille (zone d’
alerte maximum) must remain closed for first one week. The Prefect of the Region has appealed against this decision. For today, a response from the court is expected.