Coronafonds pays out 1.2 million to affected care providers

The special corona fund for people who work in health care and who have themselves become seriously ill as a result of their assistance to patients, has now paid out 1.2 million euros. The money went to thirty care providers who ended up in intensive care and to the surviving relatives of six deceased care providers, the foundation announced Tuesday.

The Stichting Zorg na Werk in Corona Care (ZWiC) is an initiative of two surgeons at the UMC Utrecht, Sander Muijs and Marijn Houwert. It offers financial support to care providers who have become seriously ill as a result of their work ‘on the frontline’ of coronazorg themselves, as well as to surviving relatives of care providers who have died of the virus. The benefit amounts to โ‚ฌ 30,000 or โ‚ฌ 50,000.

So far, 49 applications have been received, of which 36 have been processed, the ZWiC reports. The foundation expects that applications will continue to come in in the coming period. The fund will be filled with donations from companies and other organisations. In the meantime, 4.1 million euro has been received, and because the government has doubled the amount, more than 8 million euro is available in the foundation, according to ZWiC.