‘Coronal rules do not comply fully’

We must make every effort to contain a third wave caused by the British corona variant, believes Jan Jaspers. But he also thinks that curfew actually goes too far.

Were even going as far as were going to lock ourselves inside by curfew. Prime Minister Rutte said weve already used every possible means. I have nothing against a curfew, but already used all the resources? Why not amend the law like the mudcap obligation so that the churches can close and only broadcast services online? Or just really essential things open and no liquor stores and more of these kinds of companies. For example, I find clothes more essential than alcohol. Why a hundred people at the same time go to the supermarket? If you really want to give a curfew a real capacity, first make sure that the current measures are understandably implemented, because no one gets the wiser of this.

Jan Jaspers, Kaatsheuvel