Coronapas is temporary, but how temporary is not clear

The corona access ticket is a temporary measure, but how temporary is not clear yet. Deemissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge said in their press conference that the cabinet would like to make a decision on the longer deployment of the admission ticket around 1 November.

How long will we need a QR code to enter the hospitality industry, theatre and pop concerts? โ€œIm afraid to say that,โ€ Rutte replied. โ€œI hope as short as possible. The corona access ticket is not intended, like the one and a half meter measure, to have its own page on Wikipedia.โ€

Rutte on the temporality of the measure:

Both Rutte and De Jonge stressed that their greatest concern at the moment is accessibility to care. They think there are about 1.8 million Dutch people who are not protected because they have not been vaccinated or have experienced contamination.

โ€œCare cant handle new waveโ€

Without measures, its a matter of time before they get sick, De Jonge said. โ€œWell get a new wave and we cant handle the care.โ€ In particular, regular care comes under pressure and that is what the cabinet wants to prevent.

At the same time, the one and a half meters distance disappears According to Rutte and De Jonge, compulsory distance is a very far-reaching measure. In order to abolish these, it is necessary to extend the use of the corona pass, the cabinet argues. To mitigate risks when people sit or stand closer together again.

โ€œKeeping a meter and a half distance is no longer necessary, but it remains a safe distance,โ€ Rutte said. According to De Jonge, the abolition of the obligation is a big step forward. โ€œIt means weve entered a new phase of combating the virus.โ€

โ€œCoronapas no major restrictionโ€

De Jonge does not consider the corona pass a major restriction on the freedom of non-vaccinated persons. They can also get a QR code via a test. โ€œThat takes a little more effort, but that is not the restrictions we have to impose on society as a whole because of the choice of a small group not to vaccinate.โ€

The government has the ambition to eventually get the vaccination rate above 90 percent. Its now 85.6 percent among people aged 18 and over. De Jonge called on doubters to get a shot. โ€œThere is no vaccination obligation, but vaccination is the way to go.โ€

According to De Jonge, the corona access certificate reduces the likelihood of infection:

De Jonge would prefer that the corona pass can be used in even more places, for example in healthcare. If healthcare employers can register which of their employees have been vaccinated, they can use it when creating the schedules. Non-vaccinated persons can then be kept away from vulnerable groups. The employers have asked him to do so themselves, the minister said.

De Jonge wants to explore the possibilities and possibly change the law. In other sectors, the corona access ticket could be a practical tool, he thinks. Together with the trade unions and employers, he wants to see if that is an option.