Coronapass travel may soon be outside EU

With the Digital Corona Certificate (DCC), EU residents may be able to travel to the UK for holidays or family visits in the foreseeable time without much fuss. The European Commission has advanced negotiations with the British. She is also optimistic about a deal with Canada, and is talking to Japan, Australia and the US about mutual recognition of a corona pass, informed the 27 EU ambassadors in Brussels.

According to Bloomberg news agency, which claims to have seen a diplomatic memo on this, talks with the Canadian government are promising and vaccinated EU citizens could be welcome as early as September. With Washington, on the other hand, negotiations are trash. That would be because the United States does not have a federal certification system.

In the EU, the Digital Corona Certificate has been in force since 1 July, which allows the holder to demonstrate that he has either been fully vaccinated, or has had a recent negative result of a PCR test, or has already had Covid-19 and has antibodies. Between 1 and 19 July, more than 290 million certificates were issued in the EU, 230 million of which are already fully vaccinated. With the certificate, digital or printed, they can travel within the EU without any hassle. The committee hopes to extend that opportunity outside the EU as well.