Coronavirus affects South Korean football team in Vienna

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Football: Coronavirus hits South Korean football team in Vienna

09.13 a.m.: South Korea‘s national football team was hit by the coronavirus during the practice trip in Austria. Six players have been tested positive. The whole team quarantined at their hotel rooms in Vienna, reported team officials.

South Korea played against Mexico last Saturday without the six infected players and lost by 3-2, while Sterp player Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur was among the negative tested players and participated.

A practice duel with Qatar is scheduled for Tuesday. That match can continue if, according to the rules of FIFA, thirteen players who are not infected are available. The selection will undergo a new test round on Monday.

The six players infected with the virus are Kwon Chang-hoon, Lee Dong-jun, Hwang In-beom, Na Sang-ho, Kim Moon-hwan and keeper Jo Hyeon-woo.

Football: Norway does send football team to Austria

08.40 a.m.: Norway plays the match in the Nations League in Vienna against Austria on Wednesday. The Norwegian Football Association sends a new selection which will be led by the national coach of Young Norway, Leif Gunnar Smerud. That team will be presented on Monday.

The Norwegians did not play their planned competition against Romania on Sunday. The Norwegian government forbade the football players from flying to Bucharest. The selection of national coach Lars Lagerbรคck had to be quarantined by the Ministry of Health after a positive corontest by international Omar Elabdellaoui.

Footballers were already ready for departure at Oslo airport when the announcement came in. Presumably, the duel will be transformed into a regulatory 3-0 defeat for the Norwegians, who are in full race for promotion to the A-Division of the Nations League. Even with that defeat, Norway can win the pool.

โ€œ It was a tough task, but we are glad that the race can continue. Not only for sporting reasons, but also for fulfilling our obligations towards UEFA,โ€ said a statement by the Union.

The temporary coach Smerud sounded combative. โ€œI look forward to meeting the players who, in this chaotic situation, are willing to help the national team. It is now about preparing and performing well against Austria.โ€

Football: The Bruyne already talks about a longer stay at Manchester City

07.35 a.m.: Kevin De Bruyne talks with Manchester City for a longer stay at the club. This is what the Belgian international said at the Flemish TV channel VTM. He has played for the Premier League club since 2015 and has won two titles with City.

The 29-year-old midfielder does the negotiations himself. โ€œIn this situation, I can, because I would like to stay with City. If I wanted to leave City and the club wouldn’t want to, it‘s a situation where you need someone to mediate,โ€ says De Bruyne, who still has a contract until mid-2023.

โ€œI still have a contract for 2.5 years. We’re talking a little bit at the moment, but we‘re not far in the talks yet. There will be no difficulty in the negotiations, and that applies to both sides. Because that’s not how we are.โ€