Coronavirus in Belgium above expectation soon on its return

The number of Belgians who catch the coronavirus, end up in the hospital or in the ICU or even die, is rapidly falling beyond expectation. If this continues, the intensive departments have already flushed so far at the end of May that, for example, the cafes can be reopened.

There is โ€œonly good news to reportโ€, says virologist Steven Van Gucht of the Belgian Coronacrisicentre. โ€œAll coronac figures continue to fall, according to the most optimistic predictions.โ€ He warns, however, that Ascension Day, a day when few corona-virus tests are taken, probably pushes the figures a little.

For further easing announced by the government on 9 June, ICs must count less than 500 coronapatics. According to Van Gucht, it is already at the end of May and on 9 June โ€œat the current rate even less than four hundred.โ€ This means, among other things, that the hospitality industry can receive guests again and that gyms and cinemas can be opened.