Coronavirus: WHO experts finally on the ground in Wuhan

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) finally began their field investigation into the origin of the coronavirus on Friday in Wuhan (central China), which should be carried out in particular at sensitive sites.

Out of 14 days of quarantine on Thursday, the team members discussed in the morning with Chinese scientists before leaving their hotel to go to a hospital in this city where the epidemic began in late 2019.

WHO confirmed Thursday that the investigators would go well at the now famous Wuhan Institute of Virology โ€” equipped with high-security P3 and P4 laboratories โ€” which handled coronaviruses in particular.

From the outset of the pandemic, the institution was the subject of assumptions, taken up by the administration of former US President Donald Trump, that the virus could have escaped before contaminating the planet.

A theory that for the moment is not based on anything tangible.

The ten experts will also visit the Huanan Market, the first home where the Covid-19 epidemic occurred and where wild animals were sold live. Its been closed for over a year.

โ€œThe team plans to visit hospitals, laboratories and markets,โ€ WHO said on Twitter. โ€œThey will talk to first responders (against the disease) and some of the first patients with Covid-19.โ€

However, the precise schedule of the experts remains opaque. Their tweets and those of WHO are the main sources of information, with China being almost silent on this visit, which is highly politically sensitive to it.