Correct Finale: HITMAN III received highest marks in series history

IO Interactive approached the premiere of HITMAN III with a couple of scandals: the first related to the lack of translation into Russian, and the second with the problematic transfer of levels to PC. However, the finale of the World of Assassination trilogy itself, judging by the first reviews, unconditionally succeeded. If you look at the grades on aggregators, the novelty and at all managed to get the highest rating for the entire 20-year franchise.

On Metacritic and OpenCritic, the game has 88 points. For comparison the score of previous parts on Metacritic: Hitman: Codename 47 โ€” 73 points Hitman 2: Silent Assassin โ€” 87 Hitman: Contracts โ€” 80 Hitman: Blood Money โ€” 82 Hitman: Absolution score โ€” 79 HITMAN points โ€” 85 HITMAN 2 โ€” 82 HITMAN III points โ€” 88 points.

HITMAN III review by CCeit. Polished to glare The most novelty is praised for new missions – developers are the opportunity to create a real sandbox inside each location with several storylines that may not have direct relation to the story of the trilogy, but from this they don‘t get any less interesting.

In addition to this, although the plot still lacks stars from the sky, its development is much more interesting to follow than in the previous two parts. At the same time, we should not forget that HITMAN III can be called a โ€œplatformโ€ through which it is possible to pass levels from the previous two issues of the trilogy โ€” and journalists recommend first familiarizing themselves with them, and then go to the final locations.

In general, the novelty is called the best killer simulator in the genre, which was formed by the creators of Hitman themselves. Today there is no other game with a similar concept, so fans should not pass by.

HITMAN III will take them tens, or maybe hundreds of hours. The game is released tomorrow, January 20, on PS5, PS4, PlayStation VR, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

Also, a cloud-based version of the project will appear on Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. HITMAN III will be the last part of the series for the foreseeable future: now developers want to take a break from Agent 47 and switch to creating a game about James Bond.

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