Corsica beaches closed due to oil stain in the sea

In the Mediterranean Sea, two oil stains of almost 35 kilometers long float off the coast of Corsica. The oil was discovered on a patrol flight of the French Navy on Friday.

As a

precaution, the beaches on the east side of the island are closed to tourists. It is also forbidden to fish in the contaminated area. The French Navy has been used to suck the oil off the surface of the sea.

It is not yet known which ship the oil came from. Theres still research on that. Authorities suspect that the oil ended up in the sea when flushing a fuel tank.

There are great concerns about the damage the oil could do to the sea and beaches. Meanwhile, it has become clear that the oil floats 10 kilometres from the coast and is taken further to the open sea by the current.

โ€œThis makes us a little more reassured,โ€ says a Coast Guard spokesperson against AFP news agency. โ€œBut we need to be careful because the current can change the situation.โ€ Approximately eighty specialized rescue services members have been called to assist in the cleaning action.

Beaches close

The mayor of Ghisonaccia, where beaches are closed, hopes that the oil can be cleaned up quickly. โ€œTheres a lot of anger,โ€ he says to AFP news agency. โ€œWe really cant have this at the start of the holiday season.โ€

French minister Annick Girardin, responsible for maritime affairs, has traveled to the area. โ€œWe are determined to find those who caused the oil spill. These are criminals and they need to be treated like criminals.โ€