Cottage survives lava flows: Its a miracle!

The volcanic eruption on La Palma has destroyed many homes, but one house has just been spared. All lava flows have flowed right past a small red house. A photographer shared the photo online. The cottage is now called โ€œthe miracle of La Palma.โ€

Correspondent Rop Zoutberg, who works for the Youth News in Spain, researched the cottage. And what it turns out? The cottage is also a little bit Dutch. It was designed by a Dutch architect. She recognized the cottage in the picture right away.

The house is a holiday home of an older couple from Denmark. They havent been to La Palma for 1.5 years due to corona. When they heard that their cottage survived the disaster, they were completely surprised.

Its still a waiting to see if this beautiful story gets a good end. Due to the thick layer of lava, the roads to the cottage have disappeared. Also, the place is far too dangerous to go to for the time being. The lava is still hot. Therefore, there is little chance that the couple will ever be able to spend a holiday in the cottage again.


Experts expect lava flows to end up in the sea this weekend. Toxic substances can be released. Thats why a stretch of the sea is closed.