Coughing Navalny transferred to prison hospital

Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny has been transferred to a medical department in prison where he is detained. At planned medical examination, he showed signs of respiratory disease, including a high temperature, reports the Federal Prison Service to the Russian news agency Izvestia.

Navalni had reported earlier in the day on his Instagram account an annoying cough and a slightly elevated temperature of 38.1 degrees. According to him, three of the fifteen fellow inmates in his prison ward were brought to the medical department with possible tuberculosis. Izvestia reports, based on a source, that there is no tuberculosis in the penal colony. If someone really got sick near Navalny, according to him, the entire department would be quarantined.

President Vladimir Putins 44-year-old critic already had back and leg problems and complained earlier of poor medical assistance in the penal camp, located about 100 kilometres from Moscow. He would also be awakened every hour and suffer from lack of sleep. He decided to go on a hunger strike last week. According to his team, Navalny had already become eight kilos lighter before he announced not to eat.

The Russian Prison Service says that everything goes according to the rules. All prisoners are entitled to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, but guards can control prisoners at night, said the service last week. According to Izevstia, video footage shows that a sleeping Navalny with earplugs and a sleeping mask sleeps through at a check.