Couldnt really see the difference between best linksback Wijndal and Rensch

Henk Spaan wonders if Owen Wijndal is better than Ajacied Devyne Rensch and Philipp Max of PSV. The Az‘er called himself the best left-back of the Eredivisie and has been associated with the Amsterdammers as successor of Nicolรกs Tagliafico in recent weeks.
โ€œI can’
t deny that this would be a very good player for us,โ€ said Ajax director Overmars about Wijndal in an interview with De Cceit. However, Spanish does not seem convinced yet. ‘Recently Wijndal said that he was the best left-back in the Netherlands. Self-confidence is good, self-overestimation is not โ€œ, he writes in Het Parool. ‘Wijndal did not score one goal this season and came to five assists. PSV bought Max, a good investment with his five goals and eight assists.โ€
But also Rensch impressed Thursday as a left-back, says Spaan. ‘Two players from Ajax kept their top shape before the end of the season: Neres and Rensch excelled against VVV. You really couldn’t see a difference between ‘the best left-back of the Netherlands’ Owen Wijndal and the eighteen-year-old Rensch. His little business with the Frenchman Machach who reported killing him ‘in them streets was downright funny. The killer was exchanged and turned out to be a whiny pot.โ€