Council Member Brunssum expelled from his political group because of sexting

The Progressive Agreement (PAK) in Brunssum immediately expelled one of its councillors as a member. The man was expelled from the party after the Broekland College had suspended him as a teacher because he is suspected of sexting with a student.

The man has also left Brunssum City Council. The city council reports that he has informed mayor Wilma van der Rijt to resign his duties as a councillor immediately and to make his seat available.

Through social media, the man would have sent sexual messages to a student. The student reported the incident to the school. In a conversation with the teacher it turned out that he was indeed guilty of sexting, according to a letter sent by the school management to parents and pupils.

“This is unacceptable at our school and we have taken measures together with the Board of Governors”, writes the school board. “The colleague in question has been suspended immediately and will not return to school.” The school has also filed a complaint against the man.


Alderman and party leader of PAK Servie L’Espoir says 1Limburg was shocked by the news. “It’s very sad what happened. Especially for the child in question.” That’s why the party decided to expel him. “The signals are clear. We could have waited for the investigation, but then it would remain above the party and politics the whole time. We don’t want that.”

According to L’Espoir, the man had already promised to give up his council seat. “He understands he can’t stay on as a councillor,” he says. “It’s hard for us. But now it’s also about morale in politics. That’s why we had no choice.”