Council of Ministers without but formation weekend with Kaag

The Council of Ministers meets today without a Foreign Minister, following the departure from the cabinet of D66 leader Kaag last night. The House of Representatives sounded a lot of appreciation and respect for her decision. Anyone who will succeed her did not know the missionary Prime Minister Rutte last night.

The House of Representatives adopted a motion of censure on the evacuation operation in Afghanistan for which Kaag was seen as the chief officer. โ€œThe minister should go if the policy is frowned upon,โ€ she said in her statement.

Take a look back at the outgoing ministers statement here:

Defence Minister Bijleveld is in the Role Room, she made a โ€œdifferent personal considerationโ€. The government still faces the task of bringing the interpreters left in Afghanistan and other people who are eligible for residence permits to safety. Bijleveld wants to go through with that, she says.

After the Council of Ministers, Rutte is likely to go to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Downing Street 10 by himself, and he would join Kaag to discuss, among other things, the current development in Afghanistan.


Kaag would also go to New York as a Minister for the United Nations General Assembly on 22 and 23 September. Now she has time to be party leader and group chairman at the General Political Review. That is the Chamber debate on the Paris Day Pieces.

This weekend, at the invitation of informer Remkes, Kaag will have an โ€œinformal meetingโ€ with VVD leader Rutte and CDA leader Hoekstra at the De Zwaluwenberg estate in Hilversum. Its an overnight stay that needs to get the discussions started again.

Kaag now has her hands free for that and was already up for it last night. โ€œIm going to go on as a group chairman and hopefully create a new cabinet.โ€