CountryBalls Heroes release delayed until end of year

The small three-person studio Innominate Games did not release its turn-based CountryBalls Heroes tactics on the deadline. The game was due to be announced on August 18, but instead the developers reported problems. As it turned out, Steam did not have time to check out the game, which has been fully ready for a couple of weeks.

So the store advised you to change its release date. However, according to the rules, a minimum of 21 days must pass between the dates set, so that the team decided to postpone the premiere until the fourth quarter.

The new release date the studio will call when the audit will be completed and exactly nothing will interfere with CountryBalls Heroes exit. And the pause will be paid for good: in this time the developers will be able to add another card and will also start working on multiplayer mode.

To reward fans for their patience, the studio decided provide a release discount not of 15% as previously planned, but 20%. In the meantime, you can spend time in the free CountryBalls Heroes demo.

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