Couple causes 80 collisions and claims 180,000 euros from the insurance

According to the police, since 2014 the husband and wife have been involved in about 80 collisions in the Netherlands and Belgium, in which the couple always seemed to be the injured party.

They mainly struck at parking lots near shopping centres or furniture boulevards. “They often waited for their chance to drive a car into a parking space that was leaving in reverse. While filling in the claim form, they made up all kinds of reasons to unravel it as quickly as possible, so that the form was poorly filled in”, according to the police.


The insurance company got suspicious because they received a lot of damage claims from the couple. The company calculated how likely it was that a person could have so much bad luck to get involved in a collision over and over again. “The chance of this was virtually zero,” according to the police.

The couple will soon have to appear in court, reports Omroep Brabant. Where possible, the money received will be taken away. The car has been seized.