Court fines Google 6 million rubles for refusing to remove banned content in Russia

A Moscow court fined Google 6 million rubles for three administrative violations โ€” they are all related to the refusal to remove banned content in Russia. TASS reports about it. According to journalists, earlier the same station fined Twitter 8.

9 million rubles for a similar reason, and among the prohibited content there were calls for minors to participate in illegal shares. Yesterday, Roskomnadzor gave the company 24 hours to remove banned content, otherwise threatened to start slowing down the companys services.

Then it became known that Google sued the RKN for illegal claims. More on Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown became a PS4 exclusive โ€” the first details of the fighting game Apex Legends Players began to be punished for escaping from Arena Gameplay Horizon: Forbidden West debuts day after tomorrow on State of Play.