Court gives South African former President Zuma respite, imprisonment suspended

Former South African President Jacob Zuma does not have to serve his jail time for the time being. The Constitutional Court, which imposed 15 months in prison earlier this week for contempt of the rule of law, gives him the room to bring his objections to court. It suspended jail time.

The Constitutional Court ruled hard on Zuma Tuesday. He ignored, undermined, and even tried to destroy the rule of law, it was the judgment. The former president was given five days to report to a police station.

Zuma (79) and his lawyers signed protest, pointing out, among other things, that the former president‘s health could be compromised if he gets infected with corona in prison. In his opinion, the excessive statement is politically motivated. He is the victim of a witch hunt, according to his own words.

Zuma did not show up earlier this year for a commission investigating corruption practices during Zuma’s term of office. Incidentally, that research is not just about the former president. There is also an individual corruption trial against Zuma.