Courts of St. Petersburg have restricted access to anime on a number of sites

The district courts of St. Petersburg have restricted access to a number of anime on several other sites. This is a new round of history concerning the ban of anime — on January 20 in St.

Petersburg held a trial on this topic, after which it turned out that the authorities restrict access to various projects not everywhere, but only on a couple of sites. And now the list of venues and titles has expanded – on the sites jut.

su, Yummy Anime and AnimeGo banned from viewing Prince of Darkness and Hero, Still Life in Greys tones, Blade Manyu, Prince of Darkness from the Back desk, Assassin Class and so on. At the same time, the ban also affected the network VKontakte, and in this case, it seems, is only about a number of pictures that the court considered inappropriate for the audience.

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