Covid: Marine Le Pen would let the French choose whether to vaccinate or not

The leader of the Rassemblement national Marine Le Pen spoke on Sunday against compulsory vaccination to fight against the coronavirus, wanting to leave each French the choice in his โ€œinsideโ€.

If a vaccine was coming on the market soon, โ€œI would say to our fellow citizens that they are free citizens,โ€ said Mrs Le Pen on BFMTV.

โ€œTherefore, it is up to them, in their inner forum, to decide whether or not they want to vaccinate,โ€ she added, arguing to โ€œwait to see what is happening with this vaccine.โ€

โ€œAs far as I am concerned, I will vaccinate myself, but I will not force anyone to vaccinate because we are at liberty,โ€ she insisted, while the issue of compulsory vaccination is being debated in France.

Among his supporters are, for example, the President of the Senate (LR) Gรฉrard Larcher: โ€œWhen vaccinated, it is not just for yourself, it is a form of solidarity chain,โ€ he stressed Sunday at the Grand Jury (RTL-Le Figaro), saying himself โ€œfavourable if necessary for compulsory vaccinationโ€ and calling for โ€œa vote of Parliamentโ€ on this point.

Asked about France 3, EELV national secretary Julien Bayou stressed that mandatory character is โ€œnot necessarily the solutionโ€.

โ€œMaking it compulsory can reduce the desire to be vaccinated. I would detract from the recommendations of health agencies,โ€ he said.

Earlier this week, the American laboratories Pfizer and German BionTech raised hope by claiming that their candidate vaccine was โ€œ90% effectiveโ€ against Covid, even if the stage of its approval has not yet been reached.

Moreover, while the epidemic context offers timid positive signs at the heart of the second wave, Marine Le Pen claimed that it would let โ€œthe French celebrate Christmas with familyโ€ and reopen โ€œtoday small businessesโ€. She also called for a reopening of places of worship.

On the other hand, the president of the RN reportedly closed colleges and high schools to curb the spread of the virus, she said.

Ms Le Pen criticized the governments policy, regretting that โ€œbetween the first and the second wave, no plan has been made.โ€

โ€œContainment is when we missed the rest,โ€ she stressed, scathing, calling the โ€œrelationshipโ€ between the โ€œelitesโ€ and the population โ€œinfantilisanteโ€.

Finally, asked about the conplotist documentary โ€œHold upโ€ that denounces an alleged โ€œmanipulationโ€ of rulers in the coronavirus crisis, Ms Le Pen said she did not believe it โ€œat allโ€.

โ€œBut everyone can watch this documentary and make their opinion,โ€ she continued, ironizing about the โ€œhysteriaโ€ surrounding this film, โ€œbetween those who considered it as the word of the gospel and those who want to make a self-dafรฉ.โ€