Cowboy Life Simulator: how Poles represent the life of a cowboy

Some time ago, Polish studio RockGame announced Cowboy Life Simulator, a simulator of freestyle life in the Wild West in the 19th century. And now everyone interested in opportunities and perspectives can get to know the game‘s demos. The Cowboy Life Simulator trial is released as part of Steam’s Games to Be Festival.

It allows you to get to know the world of the game and start her own adventure as a farmer who decides to become a cowboy and go in search of adventure. A number of story missions are available in the demo.

also free exploration of open areas. Those who are laziness to experience a project with their own hands can see how the developers themselves do on the Steam page, and ask them questions.

Cowboy Life Simulator does not yet have a release date. More on Gaming Hearing: In July EA Play Announces New Dead Space Authors Outriders Will Boost the Chance of Legendary Items The Unannounced Castlevania Advance Collection received age rating.