Crash with Jakobsen also continues to haunt Groenewegen

In the Tour de France today is again a day for the fast men, but for the Dutch top sprinters Fabio Jakobsen and Dylan Groenewegen the fight for a stage victory is very far away at the moment.

Since the terrifying crash in the Tour of Poland over a month ago both riders are living with the serious consequences. On Tuesday evening Martijn Berkhout, manager of Jakobsen and Groenewegen, told in the evening stage how the two sprinters are doing now.

Watch the conversation below:

“Fabio is in a recovery phase: right now we are at the point where we have to wait and see if the body can recover, so that he can become a top athlete again. And top sprinter. That takes time. We can only wait and see. Time must tell if he can return. We all hope for that,” says Berkhout.

The recovery of Groenewegen is another story. The sprinter of Jumbo-Visma deviated from his line in Poland and was the cause of the heavy crash after which Jacobsen had to be kept in an artificial coma for days. Groenewegen received a lot of criticism; from the cycling world, but also through social media. The man from Amsterdam expressed regret, emotionalized his story and also sought contact with Jakobsen, but Groenewegen still suffers a lot from the consequences.

Berkhout: “Dylan is in a mental trajectory that he has to come out of. He has been given a lot to choose from, also in terms of social media. Weve never seen anything like that happen to him in cycling before”

According to Berkhout Groenewegen is now, more than a month after the incident, still threatened via social media. “Sure, and thats actually still going on. Its not that he feels very comfortable, no. He lives with the consequences.”

“I have to say that both riders are very well assisted by their team. Together were trying to make sure those two can sprint against each other again someday”, the manager said.

The last word on the legal case hasnt been spoken yet either, let Berkhout know. “Were trying to get them to advise independently. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be.”

“But if you ask me now what needs to be done… I dont hear anything from the Tour of Poland and the UCI. But of course they have made incredible mistakes. The UCI should have checked if it was all good from an organizational point of view. But a commissioner should also have checked the course, just before the finish. That didnt happen either. Those are things were looking at now.”