Crashed attack helicopter salvaged near Aruba

The Dutch fighter helicopter that crashed near Aruba on July 19 was recovered. The aircraft was recovered in two parts the last few days.

The tail and fuselage of the NH90 arrived today at the Curaรงao harbor. They will be transported with a ship to the Netherlands, where the Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense wants to use them for further investigation of the accident, which cost the lives of two of the four crew members.

The first investigation revealed that the crash was probably not caused by a technical or mechanical defect. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense put the remaining NH90 helicopters back into service.

Underwater robot

The helicopter broke in two in the accident. The tailpiece was at 450 meters depth, 12 kilometers off the coast of Aruba. It was salvaged with a large crane and with the aid of an underwater robot.

The hull initially remained afloat and sank 100 kilometers away to a depth of 1.5 kilometers, in the waters of Venezuela. To bring the hull to the surface, a cradle, a kind of shovel, was brought to the seabed from a ship using a crane.