Creative Assembly and SEGA announced HYENAS shooter

SEGA and Creative Assembly developers have unveiled the trailer for a new multiplayer first-person shooter called HYENAS. The game is scheduled to be released in 2023 on both generations of PlayStation and Xbox, as well as on PC. According to the games plot, the Earth has long been doomed, the richest people live on Mars, and everyone else is trying to survive in & laquo; orbital slumsโ€.

Colorful heroes confront the rich and rob them (or regain what they rightfully believe they are), for which the characters are called โ€œHyenasโ€. like weightlessness, heroes with their own characteristics, and many popular collectibles that will have to be stolen before enemy teams do.

And, of course, the main thing is to escape on time and successfully. Game screenshotsMore on Gambling Addiction Riot Games producer criticized aggressive monetization in games The Crew 2 will have 60FPS support, a new campaign and More Activision Blizzard Shareholders Calling for Harassment Reports.