Creators of Claw Stars have had to expand server capacity

Studio Appxplore, known by Hellopet House and Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen, released its new mobile game Claw Stars into early access late last year. And now announced that the game is enjoying a huge success. The studio had to increase the capacity of servers, because not everyone could get into the game.

Now 60 thousand players can take part in the Claw Stars testing. Perhaps this is not the limit, and the game world will continue to expand.

Claw Stars is a hybrid of famous crane machines and collecting capsule toys. Players travel to different planets on spaceships, which are joined by a huge claw.

With it, they can โ€œsupperโ€ various treasures and relics and save charming creatures. You can get acquainted with Claw Stars in the Google Play store.

The game is free, and in this – one of the secrets of its popularity. More on CCeit Twitch censored Metallicas performance on BlizzConline Anime โ€œMagic Battleโ€ became the best according to Crunchyroll Anime Awards Mobile version House Flipper downloaded 10 million times.