Creators of Kings Bounty II reveal how the game will improve and fix

Last week, Kings Bounty II came out, which many managed to scold for underperformance โ€” Steam has only 57% positive reviews, which is quite small. As developers admit to with a fresh blog, they scrutinized audience and press feedback to focus on spot correcting and improving different aspects of the novelty. Promise to release an update soon (first on PC) with the following changes: Accelerating the speed of the horse and protagonist (and landing speed); Adding fast saves and downloads; Increase gold that is mined in the Royal Lands; Now the campaign finale will feature a plaque about the end of the game; Plenty of balance edits and bug fixes.

Among the more global targets, later patches plan to add: Difficulty Levels; Additional Control Settings; Ability to speed up animations in battle; Photo Mode. Kings Bounty II came out on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Critics were not infiltrated by the project โ€” it has less than 70 points on aggregators. More on CCeit Statham, Stallon, 50 Cent and Megan Fox take off in new โ€œUnstoppableโ€ The network noted AHS Season 10 heros similarity to Alan Wake Adventure puzzle The Rewinder is released on September 10.