Cree in new DLC for ‘Avengers’ destroyed Earth โ€” details

Square Enix presented details of the plot supplement โ€œAvengersโ€ about Falconrys Eye, which will be released simultaneously with the release of nextgen versions of the action film โ€” March 18. Clint saw a terrible future โ€” in it the Cree came to Earth and staged genocide, destroying almost all humanity. The remnants are managed by the villain Maestro, with whom the archer along with his student will fight.

This time, the plot swirls around time travel and an attempt not only to prevent a future apocalypse, but also to find Nick Fury. Where more about the operation was told on the fresh โ€œMilitary Tableโ€, where they showed a meager trailer of nextgen versions of the game, and also told in detail about the skills of the Falconrys Eye.

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