Creepy Tale 2 is released July 16 on Steam

Russian studio Deqaf, which changed its name to the more recognizable Creepy Brothers not long ago, announced the release date of Creepy Tale 2 โ€” July 16. The first Creepy Tale came out in 2020 c good reviews: 86% of Steam customers recommended it. So the appearance of a sequel was expected.

And this time, the developers have come to the point even more seriously, even there will be a voiceover, even though English only. Creepy Tale games are imbued with the creepy atmosphere of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, but fabulous the plots in the game are reimagined and filed on the unexpected side.

In the second part, a whole new story awaits us. Players will take on the role of Lars, the son of the hunter.

The boy manages to escape from an unknown evil that has taken over the forest. However, his sister Ellie was not so lucky, and now we must free her from the clutches of mysterious evil.

But the world around us is very violent, so it wont be the easiest journey. More on Gomania Rebuttal: โ€œnew gamesโ€ Blober Team is far from new Sony announced State of Play for 30 minutes โ€” it will pass Thursday UFC 4 will add to EA Play already July 8.