Creepy Tale 2 will be released in July, and now the game is voiced

Deqaf Studio, last year released the platform adventure puzzle Creepy Tale, changed its name. Now the team of developers is called Creepy Brothers, and this perfectly correlates with their current occupation: the studio is preparing for the release of Creepy Tale 2. The release of Creepy Tale 2 will mark in truth a new stage in life of our studio.

After twelve years of development, we finally found ourselves and our genre. In this regard, we want to give our studio a new name that will better reflect our style.

Creepy BrothersIn Creepy Tale 2 developers keep true to the atmosphere of grim tales of the Brothers Grimm. But the second part should be a reinvention of the studio-created world.

Players are waiting for the story of the son of the hunter Lars, who has to find his sister Ellie, who has disappeared in the spooky forest. An independent bright adventure story is released on Steam in July.

In the meantime, there‘s her voice acting: only in English, but it’s a serious step forward for Creepy Brothers. More on CCeit In Ghost Recon Breakpoint hosts free weekend Platformer Super Magbot is released in June on Nintendo Switch and on Steam The creators of the series The Dark Pictures Anthology revealed eight minutes House of Ashes.