Cremation limit deleted in severely affected Los Angeles

Crematoria in the great Los Angeles County in the United States may be less close to environmental regulations due to the coronacrisis. As regards air quality, strict rules on the maximum number of cremations per month normally apply, but according to local media, these are temporarily suspended.

The number of deaths in the area rose during the pandemic. More than 13,000 people have died so far from the consequences of coronavirus infection. Los Angeles County also went first county across the border of a million corona infestations, more than most states have reported.

Due to the high death toll, hospitals, funeral centers, cemeteries and crematoria are getting into trouble. The regional health authorities fear that the cremation gap may pose a threat to public health. This is why the policy in the area of approximately 10 million inhabitants is temporarily relaxed through an emergency warrant which remains in force for 10 days.