Crete rocked by earthquake: one dead reported

Tourists and residents on the Greek holiday island of Crete have been rocked by an earthquake on Monday morning. According to European authorities, the quake had a force of 6.5 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the quake was 23 kilometres northwest of the island.

According to AFP news agency, at least one person died. Nine others were injured. After the quake, Turkey warned of possible tsunami danger.

The mayor of Arkalochori village reports that two churches have been damaged. There would be several people trapped. Several homes would also have suffered damage. The deceased person was working on the renovation of a church in Arkalochori. The roof of the prayer house collapsed due to the earthquake.

The quake was also felt on other islands, including Santorini. People panicked out of their homes and schoolchildren left their classrooms. There were several aftershocks already.

On Twitter, many holidaymakers say that they are shocked and have felt the vibrations. Several minor earthquakes were recorded in the region over the past month.