Criminal investigation of declaration against Andrew Cuomo

The report filed against Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York will be โ€œvery extensivelyโ€ investigated. Cuomo has been accused of sexual abuse by several women and one of them has recently officially filed charges. โ€œWe are at the initial stages of this investigation,โ€ said Sheriff Craig Apple of Albany County, where the declaration was filed and where the governors office is located.

The sheriff said Saturday not to rush or slow down the criminal investigation because of the suspects important function. โ€œWe treat victims the same. We investigate the same thing.โ€ Only there are more eyes on this, Apple says. Exactly what has been reported has not been disclosed. Apple did say it was โ€œsexual in nature.โ€ The woman is the former closest member of Cuomo.

Eleven women

Earlier this week, after five months of investigation, New Yorks prosecutor came up with a thorough report on Cuomos misconduct. According to Attorney General Letitia James, at least eleven women have been sexually harassed by Cuomo. Because it was a civil investigation, criminal prosecution was not possible on this basis.

The woman who now filed a report had done her story to James and said that Cuomo once groped her chest. The incident was said to have occurred in Cuomos home and is the most serious of the allegations of sexual harassment he faces.


The womans name, which is only referred to as โ€œexecutive assistant #1โ€ in the report, was announced on Sunday: Brittany Commisso. In an interview with CBS News and the Albany Times-Union broadcast Monday morning, Commisso says she filed a report to hold Cuomo accountable for his actions. โ€œWhat he did to me was a crime,โ€ she said in an excerpt released by CBS. โ€œHe broke the law.โ€

The Governor is opposing widespread calls to resign, including US President Joe Biden, and is waiting for an impeachment procedure in New York States parliament.