Crimson Desert Authors Share New MMORPG Details

Developers from the Pearl Abyss studio presented two new clips MMORPG Crimson Desert. In the first, the authors shared new details of the game, and in the second they commented on the trailer shown at The Game Awards ceremony. Travel, travel, fights and solutions are the main components of the game.

The action takes place on the continent of Paivel with different climatic conditions and a landscape where people and other races get together. In the trailer, you can see only a third of what can be done in the game.

The main character‘s name is Macduff. He’s a northerner.

The character responds to circumstances and develops under their influence. Together with the protagonist travels a detachment of mercenaries.

Each member of the squad has their own backstory. Heroes will travel from one settlement to another, get acquainted with the characters and help them solve their problems.

By traveling the world, players can gain hidden knowledge, items, and skills. Villagers are engaged in their daily lives.

You can fish and ride horseback. There will be some Cave of Time, where time is distorted and where important events occur.

Dynamic combat system with both one-on-one battles and simultaneously with multiple opponents. In battle, the enemy can degrade the weapon and start fighting with his fists or retreat and raise the weapon (even another one that he did not initially have).

The authors were inspired by techniques from wrestling and taekwondo. You can take the enemy hostage.

The game will be battles with bosses and monsters, as well as trials with which the hero gets different skills, characteristics and abilities. The release of Crimson Desert is planned in winter 2021 on consoles and PC.

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