Cris Tales role-playing game earned over 70% positive reviews

Publishing house Modus Games, after a pair of postponements, claimed the release of the party role-playing game Cris Tales studios Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK. Love Letter to Classic RPG is available on RS (on Steam, GOOG and Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadia. On Steam the game gets in Most positive feedback: it recommends more than 70% of customers.

At the same level are Metacritic‘s average critics’ ratings: 75 for RS and 79 for PlayStation 5. Players praise the magnificent design, excellent time shift mechanics, unusual narrative and a memorable heroine.

However, they don‘t like the lack of mouse support, the odd inclusion of evasion and parry mechanics in turn-based fights and over-tightened processes: you can’t even save the game without dialogue. Cris Tales attracts graphics and step-by-step gameplay, and this is enhanced by a great soundtrack.

The voiceover is good too, even when it gets knocked out of rhythm a bit. Obvious that the animation is a bit clumsy, and there are often hovering during combat.

As for fights, they leave a nice impression, except too simple and very often repeated, causing a sense of monotony. However, the total duration of the game does not cause any admissions.

You can also criticize ambush abuse and frequent download. However, games look good over time, and the story is interesting to follow — although the story could have been more Adult.

Milleniumcris Tales uses an old JRPG model, which makes experienced fans of the genre get bored. But the setting and characters glimpse the charm, whims and innocence of Final Fantasy and The Legend Of Zelda, with Crisbell‘s time-management abilities lending fresh captivation to the classics step by step fighting.

Cris Tales is not particularly difficult, and it makes it a good choice for beginners looking to experience step-by-step role-playing games. Screen Rant More on Gaming Crosover Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad already closing Steam Deck Interface will replace Big Picture mode for Steam New details Project 007 found in IO Interactive job descriptions.