Critical Chamber: why did De Jonge react so casually to GGD-lek?

In the House of Representatives there is a lack of understanding and irritation about how minister De Jonge reacted to the GGD leak of private data of people tested for corona. Most opposition parties believe that the minister reacted with ‘too bravour and ‘too casual’ to the leak that appeared in publicity last week.

The opposition parties and government party D66 believe that De Jonge also gave false information in Question Time in the House last week. He talked about screenshots there, but it turned out to be a big data breach. De Jonge also said that there was a good check, but it turned out to be random checks.

โ€œ If things go wrong, just admit it,โ€ said SP MP Hijink during the debate today in the House of Representatives. โ€œThe minister is eager to claim success, but struggles to admit mistakes.โ€


โ€œ The Minister has trivialized the matter,โ€ says Group Chairman Van Brenk of 50Plus, who believes that the Minister โ€œbluffs awayโ€ problems. โ€œThe Chamber has been misinformed and the minister has told nonsense with conviction,โ€ says Party leader Azarkan van Denk. The Labour Party understands that mistakes are being made in a crisis situation. โ€œBut the minister reacted too casually and with too much bravado,โ€ says Pvda MP Kuiken.

Many parties are critical that nothing has been done with internal warning signals from GGD employees. They were already there in the summer. โ€œWhy didn‘t those signals come in? Why did the minister let this happen?โ€ , asks D66-MP Verhoeven. The opposition parties take the matter high, they fear that the support for the test policy is diminishing. Tested people may be afraid of being approached by criminals. โ€œThis undermines citizens’ trust,โ€ says SGP leader Van der Staaij.

Over the feet

The Chamber wants privacy to be better protected in the future, but does not think that Minister De Jonge should leave now. Only opposition parties Think and Forum make the Minister personal reproaches. โ€œIt‘s just another blunder. We need another minister,โ€ said FVD leader Baudet. โ€œThe Netherlands deserves a better minister,โ€ said Azarkan. The PvdA advises De Jonge only to divest some tasks. โ€œDoesn’t it just walk over the shoes?โ€

Government Party VVVD is critical that the screening of GGD employees and systems has not yet improved, while a long warning has been made of these weaknesses in this organisation. The VVD considers it primarily the responsibility of the GGD and not De Jonge to improve security. The CDA also wants to know from the GGD why nothing has been done with the signals.

Minister de Jonge answers the questions from the House of Representatives from 13.45 onwards.