Critical Danes wear special training equipment during World Cup in Qatar

Denmark wants to wear special training equipment during the World Cup to draw attention to the violation of human rights in Qatar. The Danish football association reports that in a statement on Wednesday.
The Danes placed themselves convincingly in front of the World Cup, but are not blind to the circumstances in the country. During the tournament, the two shirt sponsors give way to critical messages about the situation in Qatar. โ€œThe DBU has long been highly critical of the World Cup in Qatar, but now we are stepping up our efforts and critical dialogue, hoping to contribute to more change in the country,โ€ says Chairman Jakob Jensen of the Danish Union.
The commercial partners of the DBU will also not participate in commercial activities during the World Cup. In addition, the union takes as few staff members and sponsors as possible to the emirate in the Middle East.
In the run-up to the World Cup, several countries have already drawn attention to the human rights situation in Qatar. For example, the players of Orange took the field in black shirts in March before the match against Latvia with the text: ‘Football Supports Change’.

Earlier this year, The Guardian reported that at least 6,500 migrant workers were killed between 2010 and 2020. This happened, among other things, during the construction of the World Cup stadiums.