Critically chooses on Eookie after measure: ‘Can he never see from there? ‘

Wim Kieft does not understand that referee Danny Weeeie has removed border judge Mario Diks from his referee team. Easier lost faith in Diks, after the arbitral team failed to score a pure goal of Cristiano Ronaldo in the match between Portugal and Serbia.
In the studio at SBS Kieft questions the measure of Eweede. โ€œDo you think that Eookie threw him out himself?โ€ , he wonders aloud. โ€œShouldn‘t Eeasiie just take responsibility himself instead of taking the poor border judge? That man can never see that from the cornervlag, can he? This was a little disappointing from Eweie.โ€
Easier made it clear to Diks four days after the EC qualifying duel between Serbia and Portugal that he no longer wants to cooperate with him. This is because the arbitral team did not recognize that match a shot by Cristiano Ronaldo, which was just over the target line, as a goal. Ronaldo was furious and Portugal played 2-2 by the unawarded hit, instead of winning 2-3. Easier decided to remove Diks from his team. As a result, the border judge sees the European Championships passing his nose.

Ronaldo is FAIL! ๐Ÿคฌ Drama in the absolute final phase of Serbia – Portugal, where Cristiano Ronaldo does not get a goal as there is no target line technology ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Ronaldo throws his captain’s band to the ground and furiously dives the catacombe in ๐Ÿ‘€ #ZiggoSport #WCQ #SRBPOR
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