Criticism of Barça: ‘Looks like Paris Saint-Germain is in cruise control. ‘

Arsène Wenger is absolutely not impressed by FC Barcelonas game against Paris Saint-Germain. After 45 minutes of football in Camp Nou there was a 1-1 stand on the scoreboard, but Wenger is critical of the Spanish superpower.

I must honestly say: I have seen a Barcelona team without intensity, without imagination, without strength, Wenger starts at beIN SPORTS. In addition, we saw a lack of discipline at Dembélé at the goal (by Kylian Mbappé, red.). They were lucky they were on a 1-0 head start. Dembélé is not doing its job and it is 1-1.
Not a bad intermediate for Barcelona, but Wenger does not predict good for Ronald Koeman
s team. Based on the first half, you cant see how Barcelona should take out Paris Saint-Germain. It seems that Paris Saint-Germain is doing it in cruise control, concludes the former Arsenal trainer.
Meanwhile, the 1-2 is in favour of Paris Saint-Germain with a second hit by Mbappé.

Without intensity, without imagination, without power. Arsène Wenger had his say on that first half performance from Barcelona. #beINUCL #UCL Watch Now –
— beIN SPORTS (@beINSPORTS_EN) February 16, 2021