Criticism of Berghuis, but praise for Feyenoord: ‘We have passed Belgium’

A great victory of Feyenoord over CSKA Moscow in the Europa League and on social media it rains rains praise reactions, although Steven Berghuis will be able to beat himself in the head because of his stupid yellow card in the final phase.

Feyenoord has been showing what it can do for a long time. The fans from Rotterdam had to wait a long time for that. The relief is therefore extra large. In De Kuip CSKA was treated to a 3-1 defeat.

You see what trust does to a team again. After the goals there is rest at the ball, the position game is right, etc. #feycsm
โ€” Jan Dirk Stouten (@JanDirkStouten) November 5, 2020

OFFICIAL: The Netherlands returns to the top eight of the coefficients list. Very handsome when you realize where we came from. We passed Belgium tonight! รฐรฟรฅยฝรฐรฟรฅยฝโ€ฐ #tweepersoonspolonaise
โ€” Michel Abbink (@sportzeloot) November 5, 2020

It was not very spectacular, but Feyenoord played more than decent against CSKA Moscow. Commitment, cleverness and occasional flashes of pure class. Two victories, two defeats for Dutch clubs this week. Can go through with it. #feycsm
โ€” Willem Vissers (@vkwillemvissers) November 5, 2020

Congratulations to all – so often desperate – Feyenoord fans with this beautiful result. #feycsm
โ€” Wierd Duk (@wierdduk) November 5, 2020

Really enjoyed this game from Feyenoord. With more space, Feyenoord can be really impressive and beats the no. 1 from Russia. Tyrell Malacia my man of the match. Orkun Kokcu shows his class in a big game. #feycsk
โ€” Feyenoord Youth Watcher (@Varkenoordfan) November 5, 2020

Really seen a delicious pot. #Feyenoord #feycsm #uel
โ€” FRVDG01 (@RVDG01) November 5, 2020

The advantage when youre not biased. @PSV needs to get started. @Feyenoord gives the example!
โ€” Jos van Son (@JosvanSon) November 5, 2020

But not everything is hosanna, because the (unnecessary) yellow card of Berghuis can be an expensive one. It is not the first time that the captain of Feyenoord has made such mistakes. Totally unnecessary, because Feyenoord had already won the victory. If he gets another one, hes suspended.

Berghuis is once again showing his stupidest side. Incredible. #feycsk
โ€” Johan van Boven (@johanvanboven) November 5, 2020

Young young so unpromising that Berghuis here takes a little yellow.
โ€” Yorin (@TheReaIYorin) November 5, 2020

What a dumb yellow card for 19-year-old Berghuis. Really a juvenile delinquent. Hope that when he gets older he gets wiser and ever becomes captain again behaves normally…#feycsm
โ€” Rene Scheffer (@ReneScheffer) November 5, 2020

What a stupid boy that Steven Berghuis is every now and then! #feycsk #stevenberghuis #dommegelekaart
โ€” Edwin (@Strateeg10) November 5, 2020

Really such a stupid action of Berghuis and yellow, you could wait for that.
โ€” Caroline Aafjes-van Aalst (@aaaa70caro) November 5, 2020

Mountain house is a little frustrated. Sorry, man, you really owe it to yourself that youre not the decisive man for Feyenoord today. #feycsk
โ€” Lika (@lika_boogaard) November 5, 2020