Criticism of corona law grows: mayors and Security Council also negative

The Security Council, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities and the Netherlands Society of Mayors have also reacted critically to the Corona Emergency Act
Earlier today, the Dutch Association of Council Members already demanded more influence after the emergency law was introduced. The criticism of the other three parties boils down to the same thing: they want to be able to exert more influence on local corona-measures.

The VNG and the NGB consider the bill that is now on the table to be a strong improvement on the previous version, but they also see “parts that have remained unchanged despite our criticism”. “There is no provision for the prior involvement of aldermen and the municipal council in decisions taken by the mayor. The government feels that introducing such a system would unnecessarily complicate administrative relations. We disagree.”

Aldermen and municipalities should be involved in decision-making at the local level, according to their own words. “The importance of good democratic legitimation at the local level is great, all the more so now that the necessary crisis approach of covid-19 is likely to take longer than hoped for
Clearer up- and downscaling model

Yesterday a critical reaction was made to the current way of working. Experts told the CCeit that the power of security regions in the current legislation is worrying. Presidents of security regions are not accountable, which means that the democratic process is lacking in this time of crisis.