Criticism of Disney for filming in China region with re-education camps Uighurs

Entertainment company Disney is under fire for shooting the film Mulan in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Xinjiang is the region where, according to international human rights organisations, the rights of the Uighurs are being violated.

In the credits for the film, which has been shown at Disney+ since Friday at a cost of EUR 22, eight state institutions in Xinjiang are thanked. Among them is the public security office in the city of Turpan. There, China has built a number of what critics call ‘re-education camps’. Uighurs would be imprisoned there without trial.

The Uighurs, a Muslim minority from that area, are victims of systematic repression by the Chinese Government. There are, for example, large-scale internment camps where prisoners perform forced labour. The Chinese Government describes the camps as educational centres.

The demonstrators in Hong Kong had previously called for the film to be boycotted. This happened after the Chinese-American protagonist Liu Yifei joined the Hong Kong police on social media. For months now, demonstrations have been taking place in Hong Kong against too much political influence from Beijing. Calls for a boycott have also been made from South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.