Criticism of Persiflage Princess’ Amhalia ‘

Mixed reactions Wednesday night on Najib Amhali who persists Princess Amalia. That‘s what one viewer calls it ‘genius‘, while another finds it tasteless. Still, the majority of the twitterers seem to be very entertained by De TV Kantine.

For example, there is praise for the actor who persists Tim Hofman. The presenter of ‘Angry‘ is ‘found scary credible, ‘unprecedented’ too. Frequently, people are asked who is doing him so well. On the social medium, it is suggested that this is Valentine Benard. Elise Schaap can also count on compliments for her persiflage of Mรกxima.

But it is mainly discussed whether it is appropriate to persist a minor member of the Royal House. โ€œEveryone is allowed to be persevered, but minors are treated with caution. A young girl who is also persisted by a (not too appetizing) middle-aged guy is a #nogoโ€, says one of the many comments. โ€œBut I don‘t like Princess Amalia. Poor child. Stop it. It makes no sense.โ€

Another writes, โ€œI don’t think it‘s funny to persist a minor in the #tvkantine, even if that child is our future queen.โ€ โ€œShamelessly put downโ€, writes another. โ€œVery painful for an insecure 18-year-old. I think it’s bullying when you dare to deal with a young adult like that.โ€

Yet there are also people who appreciate it: โ€œNajib Amalia at the #tvkantine. Hilarious. He seemed pretty good. Good interview, by the way.โ€

Below is a selection of the many reactions: