Criticism of police action at London vigil for Sarah Everard

Criticism has been voiced in Britain at a vigil for murdered 33-year-old Sarah Everard. Hundreds of people gathered in a park in London.

Cops took some attendees hard because they didnt comply with the coronare rules:

Minister Patel of the Interior calls the action of the police worrying and has demanded clarification from the police leadership. โ€œSome images circulating on the Internet of the wake in Clapham are disturbing. I asked the Metropolitan Police for full disclosure about what happened,โ€ she writes on Twitter.

Mayor Khan of London has also responded to police action. He calls the images unacceptable. โ€œPolice have a responsibility to enforce the covid measures, but images Ive seen show that their performance was inappropriate and disproportionate at times,โ€ Khan wrote on Twitter.

Members of Parliament have also reacted shocked. They say the police took the protesters too hard.

Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered early this month. Her death led to a debate on womens safety in Britain. The prime suspect is a 48-year-old policeman who, among other things, secured the office residence of the British Prime Minister. Nothing is known about the motive.