Criticism Schmidt pushed aside: “Again, let him explain his own affairs”

Referee boss Dick van Egmond can‘t do so much with the criticism of Roger Schmidt. The PSV trainer complained about the VAR after the cup match against Ajax and even suggested that the video arbitration might be better abolished.

Van Egmond didn’t want to waste too many words on this. I‘m here to explain the matter of arbitration, he should explain his own case. And don’t interfere with the arbitration. I don‘t do that to him either. Do you want him to find any of this? Yeah, that’s right. He can find some of something. But again, let him explain his own affairs, said the ex-arbitrator Sunday in This was the Weekend on ESPN.
Van Egmond, however, endorsed the fact that some arbitrary errors were made during the previous cup round. He had also seen the serious violations of Nicolás Tagliafico and Devyne Rensch during Ajax PSV. I found Tagliafico‘s not the toughest. I found Rensch’s worse, heavier: clearly a red card. At the speed at which he arrives, with his full weight behind the opponent‘s ankle, that’s just a red card.
Also Excelsior-back Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill should have turned red against Vitesse, Van Egmond said. A clear red card. The referee (Dennis Higler, red.) misses him, but should not miss him. We have to be very honest about that and that will certainly be the subject of discussion this week.