Critics about “Gag 3: “Trying to change formula, but goes too far”

The final trailer of the triquel Gags appeared on the network, and with it the reviews of critics — they are lower than those of past films. Now the painting has 54 points out of 100 on Metacritic according to 14 reviews. For comparison, the first film has 68 points, and the second one has 65.

At the same time, in the last two cases, viewers scores were higher — 8. 2 and 7.

7 points respectively. The situation in the third picture is somewhat better on Rottentomatoes — 68% based on 28 reviews.

One of the popular claims to the painting was the attempt of authors to reinvent the familiar formula, because of which it left the original ideas too far. This point is mentioned in the texts with positive evaluations, and it appears to be about the Satanist-related storyline.

Others simply point out that attempts by new director Michael Chavez (Curse of the Weeping) to complete the trilogy failed, with the film conceding the first two pictures in quality. The Variety author also added that the tape turned out to be the most calm of the three, preferring to focus on the two central characters played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

And almost all review authors agree that the work of actors is the best part of the whole project. It will be possible to verify or refute the words of critics this week – on June 4 Gag 3 is released on the Russian rental and on HBO Max.

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